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Banana Fibre Extraction by Mawejje Creations


This is the processing of getting banana fibers from different spices/banana stems through a process of extracti…

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Farming mistakes to avoid post Covid-19

According to McWilliams Edward Mponye, a ginger farmer in western Uganda it is critical that prospective farmers acquire knowledge because farming is not a get rich quick scheme.
He explains th…

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Consider what to grow according to your location

Cereal crops

Most cereal crops are grown by farmers across the central region and this is particular for the case of maize while rice i…

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Agribusiness in relation to literacy and education

Intro: Digital literacy should be part of school curricula for both primary and secondary education, as well as for professional education related to agriculture. In 2017, ITU reported that youth …

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Linking ICTs, Agriculture and Youth

From the global perspective, by 2050, the world will be an inhabitant of over 10Billion people with youth (aged 15-24) accounting for about 14% of this total meaning we will need to feed more 2.5b…

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Pest management technologies in Uganda

Truth be told, Uganda is vulnerable to pest and disease attack especially due to environmental conditions that favor availability of crops in most parts of the East African region. The weather als…

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The Relation between digital revolution and agribusiness

While the digital revolution is reaching rural areas in many developing countries, the rural digital divide continues to present considerable challenges. The problem is even more acute for women, …

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Agro Ecological Farming For Sustainable Agriculture

Agricultural Systems in Uganda

The various agricultural systems in Uganda are largely a product of several factors that govern land use…