Farming Practices & Methods

Pest and Disease Management practices

• Use clean seeds and a variety adjusted to a certain climate area
• Regular cleaning of equipment and the field from crop residue
Encouraging natural pest enemies

Soil and Water Management practices

• Improve soil fertility by using either mineral or organic fertilizers, organic fertilizers are always a recommended practice for the improvement of soil organic matter.
• Rice is a crop extremely sensitive to water shortages. Shallow tillage is a desirable practice to prevent water losses due to land soaking.
• Construct field channels or bunds to control water flow to and from the field. To prevent water loss.

Harvest Practices

• Harvest at the right time when 80-85% of the grains are yellow colored
• Use harvesting equipment such rice harvesters or serrated sickles
• Avoid delays in threshing after the harvesting
• Use a threshing machine and avoid threshing by beating logs with sticks as this increases chances of broken grains at milling
• Open air drying should be done on a tarpaulin or a clean drying floor free of stones and the grains dried to at least 12% Moisture Content

Make the green world

Farming Practices To Preserve Land & Water