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Our Background

After attending the FAO organized International Conference on Agricultural Statistics -ICAS VII conference in Rome,Oct 2016 and presenting a paper on Post Harvest Loss Control in Uganda, the experience gotten from Rome led our founder to do more thorough ground research and he engaged the would be target beneficiaries after all these processes Farm Kiosk was birthed in Aug 2018 whilst putting to test a series of practical knowle…

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What we do

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Farm kiosk is an agribusiness social enterprise working on a philosophy of creating a boarderless agribusiness space in Uganda and across East Africa through using a web portal and Mobile App as the major service channels that connect smallholder farmers to markets, agribusiness service providers including agronomists, farm equipment for hire as well as linking landless young people with landlords leasing out their land purposely for agribusiness in any part of the country.

Farm Kiosk is focused on transforming the livelihoods of smallholder farmers through engaging them in an integrated range of activities that include structured trainings on financial and digital literacy and in a bid to have our solution reach more target users in different parts of the country and East Africa we built a 12 local language system which allows our customers to navigate our system i their local language hence allowing farmers to trade and track business in their local languages which will significantly bridge the digital divide gap.

With 80% of Uganda’s land is arable but only 20% of this land is being utilized, 78% of Uganda’s population are youth below the age of 35 with over 400,000 entering the labour market annually.

Post COVID 19 lockdown we are positioning ourselves to contributing to job creation in the agribusiness space while enticing more young people into the sector but also contribute to driving innovation.

Farm to market linkages

We work with both B2C and B2B customers in the market supply chain primarily connecting farmers to potential market opportunities being guided by our farmer profiling feature which helps us to identify the type of produce specific farmers in specific locations are to deal in, in a specific season and their anticipated harvest period which enables us to keep track of their progress throughout t…

Agronomy services

Farmers can access information (content) on crops, best crop management practices among others in their local languages. They are also linked to certified extension workers with vast experience for practical agronomy services using mobile technologies.

Farm land for leasing linkages

Farm kiosk profiles arable landowners in the 10 agricultural zones of Uganda leasing out their land purposely for agribusiness and we avail it on on platforms for people willing to rent this land hence creating an environment where people with authentic rent lands for farming lease it out to landless people interested in farming at an agreed cost.

Veterinary services

Livestock Farmers enrolled on our platform are directly linked to genuine veterinary professionals to provide services such as diagnosing and treat sick animals, check animals and advise on how to stop diseases from spreading, immunization, operations among others.

Farm equipment for hire linkages

Farm Kiosk enables farmers to share, hire and rent out farm machinery like harvesters, harrows, tillers, rotary cutters, ploughs, planters, tractors seeders among others at a fair price.

Agribusiness consultancy services

Farm Kiosk provides agribusiness consultancy services on Farm Planning and Management, structured training in agribusiness, Digital Literacy in a bid to embrace emerging technologies in the agribusiness space among services.

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