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Farm kiosk is an agribusiness social enterprise working on a philosophy of creating a borderless agribusiness space in Uganda and across East Africa using a web portal and Mobile App as the main service channels that connect smallholder farmers to markets, agribusiness value chain actors including Agronomists, Veterinary doctors, farm equipment for hire as well as linking landless young people with landlords leasing out their land purposely for agribusiness in any arable part of the country.

Farm Kiosk is focused on transforming the livelihoods of smallholder farmers through engaging them in an integrated range of activities which include but not limited to structured trainings on financial and digital literacy and in a bid to have our solution reach more target users in different parts of the country we are integrating a 12 local language and East Africa’s main language Swahili interface into our Mobile App to allow farmers navigate, trade and track business on our platform in their local languages which will significantly bridge the digital divide gap in Uganda and across East Africa.

Farm Kiosk is currently working in Uganda and we are looking at expanding our operations in other East African countries like Kenya and Tanzania by 2026.

Because Farm Kiosk with it’s youthful achievement oriented well balanced team is tapping into this opportunity of the increasing mobile and Internet connectivity in Uganda and the whole East African region to avail its platforms which are integrating office software, short messaging services (SMS), social media into our web portal and mobile App to provide it’s services If Uganda and Africa as a continent together with the food industry stakeholders are to harness from the world’s most youthful population, we have got to innovatively utilize the un-utilized land, intentionally invest in mechanization and digitization of the sector while enticing young people into the agribusiness space which will create millions of employment opportunities for the young people and in return we would have positioned ourselves as a continent to export 80% of our farm produce to the rest of the world Farm Kiosk is already part of this equation with specific focus on the linkages between ICTs and the present realities (benefits) and future trends in agribusiness.

Farm Kiosk is a Self funded enterprise which is looking for partners and investors to work with.

We work with Individual farmers, Farmer groups, Women groups, Youth groups, co-operatives, Agronomists, Veterinary doctors, Farm input suppliers, Farm equipment owners, Land owners leasing out their land for agribusiness, Agroprocessors, Extension workers, Investors, Government Agencies, NGOs and Private Enterprises

You can be assured that we do not sell our clients and partners details to anyone When you provide your details we store them securely on our database. We only use these details to contact you about our services and products,

You can get in touch with our Supporter Services Team at any time to let us know when and how you would like us to contact you or if you would like to be removed from our mailing list by emailing them on: info@farmkioskafrica.com.
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If you haven't found the answer to any of your questions here please contact the Supporter Services Team or phone us on

Hotline/ Whatsup: +256 (0) 704 481947 (Open Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm) or Office Line +256 (0) 779 781947 and we'll be happy to help you (Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm) & (Saturday 9am to 4pm).

Farm Kiosk strives to provide the best service possible to anyone who comes in contact with the company. We always value any feedback from our customers and well wishers, in the form of comments, suggestions or complaints. All such feedback is recorded and reviewed regularly and we endeavor to learn from feedback and to address any issues raised fairly and efficiently.

Partnering with Farm Kiosk will help farmers in Uganda and East Africa as a whole to grow more, embrace climate smart farming approaches and the emerging technologies to improve their livelihoods on top of improving the quality and quantity of production and in turn will contribute to bridging the digital divide gap.

To partner with us you can reach out to us via our official channels,
Email: info@farmkioskafrica.com
Postal Address: P.O BOX 319 Mityana, Uganda,
Mobile/Whatsup: +256 704481947 Office Line: +256 779781947


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