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About Farm Kiosk

Farm Kiosk is a Ugandan registered agribusiness social enterprise which has online platforms both web portal and Mobile App as the main service channels connecting farmers to out takers of their farm produce, providing farmers with modern agribusiness practical information and also linking people who are interested in practicing agribusiness but do not own land with people leasing out their land purposely for agribusiness in any part of the country.

Farm Kiosk also provides consultancy services in;

  • Soil testing and Analysis 
  • Farm Planning and Farm management
  • Agronomy services 
  • Veterinary Services 
  • Certified seeds and seedlings 

With 80% of Uganda’s land is arable but only 20% of this land is being utilized, 78% of Uganda’s population are youth below the age of 35 with over 400,000 entering the labour market annually. 

 The Global Web Index as of Jan 2020 shows that 60% of Uganda’s population has access to mobile phones and 24% of the population has access to the internet and the trends are surging high each passing day because of the new normal brought about by COVID 19. Farm Kiosk is mostly targeting these young people with the evolving economic, environmental, technological and social conditions in Uganda, Africa and the world at large .

 Farm Kiosk is on course of implementing our 5 year Strategic Plan (SP) 2020/2025 which we revised in June 2020 to accommodate the shocks of COVID 19 and beyond, our SP highlights the strategic priorities to meet the new realities brought about by COVID 19 pandemic . 

However, our vision, mission and core values and philosophy remain the same all addressing the current conditions facing the agribusiness sector in Uganda, East Africa and Africa at large 

As such, the vision, mission and philosophy of Farm Kiosk is more critical than ever. Adapting to this volatile and uncertain global economy especially in the post COVID-19 requires flexibility, adaptability, resiliency, and innovation.

Our Philosophy

Creating a borderless agribusiness space 


  • To create space and an environment where farmers can have access to a large pool of value chain players for agro products and services in Uganda and in the East African region.
  • To create mobility and reliability platforms for agribusiness trading i.e traders buy and sell from anywhere at any time using any mobile device.
  • To help agribusiness stakeholders access to free market information and knowledge material such as routine commodity prices, farming guides and other related content.
  • To create space and an environment where young people can access land for lease in any part of the country

Our Impact

All our work is contributing to SDGs 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 9 and 12 which efforts will enhance the creation of 5% the jobs in the agricultural sector directly to young people and women in our target districts by 2025.

SDG 1  SDG 2  SDG 3  SDG 5

SDG 8  SDG 9  SDG 12 

Environment conservation is one of the message that we intend to continue passing on to communities which is embracing SDG 13 during our community outreaches and in turn we will influence planting of 300,000 trees and train 5,000 Community Climate Ambassadors (CCAs) with a target of planting at least 5,500 trees in each of our target 28 districts by 2025 .

SDG 13


To become East Africa’s leading online agribusiness hotspot.


Transforming the livelihoods of the bottom of the pyramid agribusiness stakeholder.

Core Values

  • Innovativeness
  • Integrity
  • Inclusivity
Stakeholder Profiles


Access to vet services, Register land for rent, Access to land for rent,Sale farm produce


Access to farmer produce orders, Buy farm produce


Provide vet services like immunization, vaccination and many more