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Banana Fibre Extraction by Mawejje Creations


This is the processing of getting banana fibers from different spices/banana stems through a process of extraction that can be done manually or by machinery (banana fiber extractor)

This involves moving from one area to another because not every farmer may have the quality stems that gives out quality fibers may be if your getting one that type you require so it involves moving from door to door to find the best type of banana stems setting up your own farm on large scale that will keep you far from someone in future.

Higher production of products needs enough banana fiber that is quality so, you need enough man power because it involves cutting down stems in the gardens which may also be far away from away from the main road. So man power is highly needed for currying the stems out of the garden before they are carried away to the production premises for other process that will be seen in the next context.


The extraction is done in two way as follows:
Manual extraction is done in the way that you get a timber that is 1 fit width by 5fit height placed or leaned on the wall under tree shade, get splinted piece lay it on that timber that is leaned on the wall or under the tree shade get small piece of timber that is 3*3 both sides of like 21/2 or 3 fit hold it with the two hands and squeeze the water and the other dart to remain with the banana fibers that are take hanging to dry.

Then with machinery, its so fast than the manual extraction. This is where you get the splinted piece fixed in the extraction machine according to all sizes, you enter the splinted piece in between the adjuster that is picked up by the shaft that runs clock wise, bitten up by the shaft to be softened in order to squeeze it with the help of the adjuster that has piece of wood placed in center helps to squeeze out water free from fiber and the turn another side in a quickest time possible.


After extraction of all methods, you collect the banana fibers according to different types of stems while spacing them into types and a shade NB, no direct sun light because when you dry them onto direct sunlight they will become stiff and wont give you the soft/good fibers you would wish to use.

Products made out of extracted banana fibers include table mats, woven bags and fabrics, sit covers and cushions, lamp shades and curtains

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