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Why Farm Kiosk

Farm kiosk is an inclusiveness oriented platform with special focus on impacting young people and women in the working age bracket of 18 - 40, but also it is crucial that both women and men have access to, use and control of ICTs as these can play a critical role in overcoming the daily hurdles that they encounter as farmers, entrepreneurs and agents of development for their communities.

Women are the backbone of Uganda’s agricultural sector. They make up 75 % of the labour force in agriculture, yet only seven percent of women own land according to customary law yet in most of the farms it’s women who plough, plant, weed and harvest. It should be noted that in rural areas of Uganda about 24% of the population live below the national poverty line (UBOS 2016). 

Because more women are already into the agriculture sector, Farm Kiosk is intentionally and strategically looking at working with the available facts and statistics to empower and improve the livelihoods of the unemployed youth and the underemployed women while addressing the triple divide gap. This is a digital, rural and gender divide, which has the effect of relegating rural women to the most marginalized position when it comes to access to, and use of ICTs. The World Bank’s Gender in Agriculture Sourcebook underscores the potential for ICTs, when used in a gender sensitive way, to help bridge these divides and advance the processes of social inclusion, with tangible results, including narrowing of the economic and social divide between women and men.

Some of the problems Farm Kiosk is out to address

Youth unemployment, low and poor quality production of farm produce, lack of markets, lack digital skills to market online, lack of marketing information, agricultural land inaccessibility, low levels of financial literacy and smallholder farmers having low access to agricultural technologies that could enhance their production capacities, as well as reduce pre- and post-harvest losses through proper processing and storage are some of the issues Farm Kiosk is out to address.

It´s at this point that Farm Kiosk with it’s youthful achievement oriented well balanced team is tapping into this opportunity of the increasing mobile and Internet connectivity in Uganda and the whole East African region to avail our platforms which are integrating office software, short messaging services (SMS), social media into our web portal and mobile App to link landless young people joining agribusiness with land owners at the bottom of the agribusiness pyramid, provide information on markets, link extension services, farmer groups mapping and profiling and avail modern farming approaches in the middle of the agribusiness value chain as well as linking farmers with the out takers of their produce at the apex of the pyramid which services goes along with enticing more young people into the agribusiness sector to increase production and create job opportunities with specific focus on the linkages between ICTs and the present realities and future trends in agribusiness.

Some of the benefits of using Farm Kiosk Mobile App Include the following but not limited to;

  • Access to a large pool of value chain players for agro products and services in Uganda and in the East African region.
  • Access to structured farmer groups training in financial literacy, Agribusiness Project Selection, Planning and Management Training, Digital Skills training on how to embrace emerging technologies like our Mobile App
  • Linkages between young people interested in agribusiness but don’t own land with landowners leasing out their land purposely for agribusiness in any part of the country. 

Access to free market information and knowledge material such as routine commodity prices, farming guides and other related content.